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Flavoured with Rich Indian Spices
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Authentic Indian Ambiance
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The Royal Bronze Thali
To give you the royal feel

Maheshwari Foods And Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. (India)

30 Days, 30 Dishes
With over 900 dishes in our books, we provide you with 30 different menu items on all 30 days of the month, complemented by the seasonal changes.
Soothing Ambience
We follow the Marwar style of service while the restaurants have the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing experience, making you feel like a Maharaja.
Prompt Hospitality
The traditional offering of sitdown-in thali is served promptly and quietly refilled, made possible by the unique signature service of the 5 fingers sign language.
Spread Across
The chain currently has 7 outlets, 2 in Mumbai, 1 in Bangalore, 3 in Dubai and 1 in USA catering to the traditional dining needs of the populace in India as well as abroad.